Security Marking Equipment

We work closely with each potential customer to create a service that meets their specific requirements. For instance, the marking of vehicle windows and/or parts can be carried out at production plants, import/export centres or dealerships. Vehicle data is received in a range of file formats to a stand-alone server in our IT department and uploaded to the International Security Register (ISR) on a regular basis. It is backed up daily to our second site. The more vehicle details that are recorded on the ISR the more effective the system is at deterring and detecting crime. Our independent unique etch code allocated to each vehicle can be quickly checked (24/7/365) against the VRM and VIN to identify cloning and the recording of gearbox and engine numbers makes it easy to determine if a replacement has been fitted. In addition, we maintain key codes releasing them only to authorised parties, we check vehicle status to ensure codes or plates are not provided for vehicles with any police interest. The industry benefits from brand protection and the system can also help reduce a vehicle’s insurance group rating.



We provide a wide range of products to help you deter crime. Our Anti-Theft system has been proven successful for 36 years and all our products are carefully designed to fit whatever object you want to protect. If you are uncertain what product to choose feel free to contact us directly at



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