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Reducing thefts in cars, Police in Lithuania using SmartDNA

Kaunas Police announced the discovery of a number of stolen car parts - Multimedia equipment, monitors, navigators and steering wheels. Kaunas County Property Offense Criminal Police, 3rd Division Manager, and Investigator Eugene Lenkaitis reported data on a warehouse in the industrial part of Kaunas. The police arrested a 28-year-old man, resident in Norway, who admitted he was stealing details from cars. At least 31 BMW cars have hit the thieves, which amounts to a total loss of SEK 5 million. The stolen goods on the black market could cost 15-20 thousand Euro and the Criminals have chosen cars from 2009 to 2017. Theft was packed in foil so that signals could not be traced and inform about the location of the car parts, but it did not help. According to E.Lenkaičio, thieves are not interested in just BMW, but also Volkswagen and Audi's car parts. Lamps, rear-view mirrors, wheels, all attractive parts, but perhaps the most desirable replacement - are expensive multimedia systems. BMW's car dealership "Krasta Auto" representative, Sigitas Jovarauskas, confirms that the manufacturer is working very actively to track even stolen parts. "The only advice is to label the details and use different tracking systems," the company's spokesman said. According to him, buyers of new cars in Lithuania already use active products like SmartDNA.


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