- Security Marking Pack for outboard engine or a marine craft


This system deters and detects crime by identifying a vehicle such as a MARINE CRAFT and OUTBOARD ENGINE, with unique marks, using a combination of overt and covert technologies. Marking is supported by registration on a highly secure database - the International Security Register - and a real time Status Check Service for marked and registered items. 


- Stylish, secure and permanent marking that meets Police preferred specifications

- The latest in ultraviolet marking technology

- Free registration for as long as you own the property - no hidden charges

- More than 14 million items currently marked, registered and protected

- Proven over more than 36 years

- Highly secure and accredited database

- Loved by Police - Hated by thieves


Pack Contents

- 2 Self-etch labels (for chassis/painted metals) 

- 2 Large ultra-destruct labels

- 1 Medium size ultra-destruct label

- 2 Small ultra-destruct labels for discreet positioning

- 5 QR-code labels

- 1 Ultra-destruct warning label

- UV marking fluid and brush

- ISR contact card

- Instructions


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